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Keep warm this winter - Winter Warmth Support

Winter Warmth

The winter warmth scheme, run by the council, in partnership with NHS Dudley, and local charities is aiming to keep people who may be struggling to keep warm at home, cosy and snug, through the range of assistance available. The scheme provides a variety of practical hands-on support, assistance, information and expert advice.

Being warm in the home protects people’s health; being too cold can cause serious problems for breathing, leading to bad chests. Sitting for too long in a cold home puts pressure on the heart and blood circulation too. This can lead to very serious problems such as heart attacks and strokes. 

An average of up to 200 people in Dudley Borough die each year as a result of being too cold in winter. Older people, babies and young children and people with long term health conditions are particularly at risk.

Anyone concerned about keeping their home warm, struggling with paying their fuel bills or worried about keeping well at home during the winter can ask for help from the scheme. Call 01384 817086


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